At ICAT, Engine Test Facility is capable of performing Certification as well as Developmental trials for Medium & Heavy Duty Vehicles with GVW above 3.5ton.

The domain of testing with respect to the application of engine includes- Automotive (BSIII & BSIV), CEV’s, Tractors, Power Tillers and Gensets as per National & International Standards.

Other than standard tests, ETC also delivers tests custom-tailored to the customer’s requirements like FTP and durability trials.

ETC Capabilities

  • MoRTH/TAP/115-116
  • Automotive Bharat Stage III to Bharat Stage VI Testing (ESC, ELR, ETC, WHTC, WHSC, WNTE, NRTC, NRSC etc.)
  • ISO 8178 (TREM-III, III A,Stage-IV) for Tractor & Power-Tillers
  • Tractors and PTO IS:12036-1999 & IS:9253-1987
  • Tractor smoke test EPA 40 CFR – Part 89
  • ISO 8178 (TREM-III & III A, BS IV)
  • Bharat (Non-road) Stage IV Testing
  • Genset - CPCB-II, IS 11170 , IS 7347 & IS 10000
  • FTP test as per IS:14599
  • Durability Test as per customer desired test cycles
  • Altitude Simulation up to 2000m above Sea Level (81-101 kPa)
  • Thermal Shock (+20°C to 105 °C)
  • Ammonia slip measurement (FTIR)
  • PN Counter, PM sampling
  • Pre-Post Emission Measurement(CO,THC,NOx,CH4,CO2)
  • Combustion Analysis via AVL Indicom

Standards/Regulations (National & International):

ICAT has been approved by VCA for witness testing to:

  • MoRTH/TAP/115-116
  • Bharat Stage VI Testing (WHTC, WHSC, WNTE)
  • ISO 8178 (TREM-III, III A, Stage-IV) for Tractor & Power-Tillers
  • Tractors and PTO IS:12036-1999 & IS:9253-1987
  • Tractor smoke test EPA 40 CFR – Part 89
  • ISO 8178 (TREM-III & III A, BS IV)
  • Genset - CPCB-II & IS 10000
  • FTP test as per IS:14599
  • Testing of small engines as per IS 11170 & IS 7347
  • ECE Regulations: 24,40,47,49,83 & Type IV,V,VI & OBD,96,101

EEC Directives: 70/220/EEC up to & including as amended by 2003/76/EC, Type IV,V,VI & OBD, 80/1268/EEC, 97/24/EC as last amended by 2006/120/EC, 88/77/EEC amended by 91/542/EEC

Detailed Facility Update

As of now, we are having 10 numbers of Transient Test Beds and 02 number of Eddy Current Dynamometers with following specifications:-

  • Transient Dynamometers: 10 number of Transient Dynamometers with Power Rating ranging from 120kW-830kW are functional with the provision for MEXA-7100D for Emission Measurement; NOVA Microtrol 4, AVL SPC and Horiba MDLT for PM Measurement and AVL SESAMi60 and Horiba FTIR for Ammonia Slip Measurement.
  • Full Flow Dilution system: 02 number of Transient Dynamometers with rating 500kW & 220kW with Full Flow Dilution System equipped with Horiba DLS-7200 (Full Flow), AVL SPC and Horiba MDLT with option of raw exhaust measurement as well.
  • Eddy Current Dynamometers: 02 numbers of Eddy Current Dynamometers of rating 35kW & 250kW are equipped with MEXA-7400 & NOVA Microtrol PM Measurement.

Upcoming Facilities:-

  • Altitude Simulation up to 5000 m (~65 kPa) *.
  • Deep Thermal Shock (-30°C to 160 °C)*.
  • 1 Transient Dynamometers of capacities 400kW & 02 Nos. of Eddy Current dynamometers (550 kW & 250 kW) are in the pipeline for future expansion*.

Equipments at a Glance in ETC:-

  • Emission Analyzers: Make Horiba, Models : MEXA 7200D(CVS), MEXA 7100D(Raw), MEXA 7500DEGR
  • Emission measurement : NOx, CO2, CO, SO2, CH4 & THC
  • Particulate sampling unit: Make & Model: AVL SPC, Horiba MDLT & NOVA Microtrol-6
  • Ammonia Slip measurement (FTIR’S): Make AVL, Horiba
  • Urea Flow measurement: Make AVL, Emmerson
  • PN Counter: Make AVL, Model : APC Plus
  • Opacity Measurement: Make AVL, Model : AVL 439
  • Smoke Measurement: Make AVL, Model : AVL 415S
  • Engine Intake Air handling unit(Pressure, Temperature, humidity control), Make CP-Sierra, Model: 4000 Kg/hr
  • Coolant Conditioning Units with Inbuilt heater
  • Fuel Conditioning Units with Inbuilt heater
  • Lubrication Oil Conditioning Unit with Inbuilt Heaters, Make AVL
  • Intercooler up to 850 kW engines
  • Air mass flow meters with max. range up to 4000 Kg/hr
  • Transient Fuel mass flow meter: 0-165 Kg/hr (Diesel, Ethanol, Gasoline, Biodiesel, CNG, LPG)

Other Functional development facilities:-

  • Cold Chamber

    Used for cold start development of engines of Genset, Passenger cars, SUV, Tractor & components testing etc. Temp range is -28 to 60 DegC. Internal dimension in mm is (5800 X 2150 X 2300)

  • Micro soot sensor

    Micro soot sensor works on photo-acoustic principle & is useful for measuring soot emissions which is an important indicator of combustion quality. MSS can detect soot in the range of 0.001– 50 mg/m³ without dilution; 0.001 – 1000 mg/m³ with dilution DR=20. It is one of the essential development tool required for emission calibration of BS VI Diesel engines.

  • Air Conditioning Loading Rig

    Used for simulating real-life AC compressor load on the engine. This rig will be useful while executing accelerated durability cycles in Engine Dyno and will also aid in evaluating impact of AC load on engine's BSFC and Emissions.

  • Breather Efficiency Rig

    Used for measuring oil separation efficiency in blow-by gases of engine.

  • Alternator Load Rig

    Used for simulating real electrical load so that alternator put equivalent mechanical demand on the engine.

  • N2 Cylinder Leak Test

    Special rig to check cylinder leakage without opening cylinder head.

  • On The Road Opacimeter (OTR)

    Used for measuring real time opacity with data logging. Can be used at both engine and vehicle level.

  • Piston Ring Tester

    Can be used to measure tangential force of rings.

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