Considering the ever increasing electronics in vehicles; Infotronics lab focusses at development work in the field of ECU development in major core areas:

  • Testing and validation of existing ECU control functions.
  • Design and development of new ECU control algorithms.
  • Plant model development for ECU close loop validation and Engine hardware simulation.
  • Virtual Calibration.
  • SIL/MIL/HIL Simulation.

Infotronics Lab is equipped with following facilities:

  • Plant Modelling
  • Plant models to develop engine or vehicle model of plant based on actual data.
  • ECU control logic development tools like MATLAB/SIMULINK etc.
  • Rapid Prototyping (RPT) system for ECU development and validation.
  • Development & Validation of ECU control logics either in full pass mode or bypass mode.
  • Hardware in Loop (HIL) system.
  • HIL test bench to test and validate an ECU either in open loop or close loop.
  • Measurement, Calibration, Diagnostic & fleet validation (MCDF) tools.
  • Measure, Calibrate and Diagnose ECU parameters through various communication protocols like CAN, ETK, K-Line, LIN, Flex ray using INCA; along with signals from temperature, pressure, lambda sensors etc through various measurement modules


  • COLD CHAMBER is used for cold start development of engines of Genset, Passenger cars, SUV, Tractor & components testing etc. Temp range is -28 to 60 DegC. Internal dimension in mm is (5800 X 2150 X 2300)
  • Micro soot sensor is used to measure particulate number (PN) in the range of 0.001 and 1000 µg/m³. It is one of the essential development tool required for calibration of diesel engine from emission control perspective. It works on photo-acoustic principle and measures non-volatile particulate matter mass concentration, as described in the AIR 6241
  • AC LOAD RIG is used to simulate real-life AC compressor load on the engine. This rig will be useful while executing accelerated durability cycles in Engine Dyno and will also aid in evaluating impact of AC load on engine's BSFC and Emissions.
  • BREATHER EFFICIENCY RIG is used to measure oil separation efficiency in blow-by gases of engine.
  • ALTERNATOR LOAD RIG is used for simulating real electrical load so that alternator put equivalent mechanical demand on the engine.
  • N2 CYLINDER LEAK TEST RIG is special rig to check cylinder leakage without opening cylinder head.
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