ICAT’s Passive Safety Lab (PSL) is capable of performing Crash Tests, Pedestrian Protection Tests & Sled Tests as per various Indian, International and NCAP regulations (including Bharat NCAP). The Passive Safety Lab of ICAT will play a vital role to support automotive industry for their upcoming needs of Crash Testing (developmental & certification) owing to Notification released by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH), Govt. of India for the implementation of crash norms in India w.e.f. 1st Oct’2017 (new models).

This lab is equipped with world class test facilities which include full fledged crash test facilities, instrumented crash dummies, dummy calibration lab, high speed cameras, specialized lightings, onboard data acquisition system, soak room, pedestrian protection lab, deceleration sled test facility, airbag test facility etc.


  • Full Frontal Crash Test as per IS:11939, AIS:096 etc.
  • Frontal ODB (40%) Crash Test as per AIS:098, ECE R94 etc.
  • Side Impact Crash Test (MDB) as per AIS:099, ECE R95 etc.
  • Rear Impact Crash Test as per AIS:101.
  • Pedestrian Protection Testing as per AIS:100, GTR9 etc.
  • Side Pole Impact Crash Test as per EuroNCAP.
  • Static Rollover Testing for post crash analysis.
  • Energy Dissipation Testing of Instrument Panels as per IS:15223, ECE R21 etc.
  • Body Block and Headform Testing of Steering Wheel & Column System as per IS:11939.
  • Energy Dissipation Testing of Seats as per IS:15546, ECE R17 etc.
  • Sled Testing including Seat Anchorage Testing as per IS:15546 & Dynamic Testing of Seat Belts as per IS:15140, ECE R16 etc.
  • Airbag Deployment Testing as per OEMs standards.
  • Dummy Calibration as per International Regulation.

Detailed Facility Update

  • Complete Crash Test Facility including Crash Block, Drive System, Propulsion System, Main Track etc.
  • Specialised Crash Lightings.
  • On-board Data Acquisition System (DAS) [more than 300 Channels]
  • Crash Dummies
  • High Speed Cameras [Off board Cameras= 12 Nos. Onboard Cameras = 06 Nos., Max. fps = 4000]
  • Complete Dummy Calibration Lab
  • 3D CMM & HRMD Machines
  • Pedestrian Protection Lab
  • Side Door Impact Test Rig
  • Airbag Deployment Test Facility.
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