Certification & Homologation

The notification of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRT&H) vide GSR 276 (E) dated April 10, 2007 under Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR), authorizes ICAT to function as an independent ‘Type Approval and Homologation' agency. ICAT has created facilities/ capabilities to run national and international homologation programs. Our Certification team assures in-time certification and accurate measurements for compliance of various regulations, including CMVR.


Design & Engineering play very vital role in the Product Development Cycle (PDC). In today’s competitive environment, Automotive Industry is emphasizing on reducing lead time of PDC. ICAT is supporting automotive industry in the field of Design & Engineering by conducting DV/PV Testing of various automotive components e.g. Plastic Interior Components, Rubber Parts, Exterior Components, Engines, Electrical Electronics Components, ECUs, Engine Parts, Tyres, Wheel Rims etc. Also ICAT’s Fatigue Lab is providing services related to assessment of fatigue life by conducting durability/endurance testing of automotive components intended for suspension, steering system, transmission etc.


ICAT’s vision is to emerge as a leading R & D centre, working together with the automotive industry in developing state-of-the-art technologies. The various projects in which ICAT has worked/been working are:

  • Atkinson cycle engine development
  • Compressed air engine development
  • Intelligent speed adaptation system development
  • Antiglare headlighting system
  • Dynamic headlighting system to improve visibility and reduce glare
  • Electric vehicle development
  • Hybrid vehicle development
  • Engine development
  • Engine performance optimization for Indian driving condition
  • EMC solutions and troubleshooting
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Vehicle emission & fuel consumption performance analysis
  • Vehicle emission performance analysis under virtual conditions
  • Vehicle structural analysis
  • Component failure analysis
  • Crash analysis
  • Tyre performance analysis & optimization


Testing and validation in automotive is a process of validating components and vehicles as per specifications submitted vis-à-vis applicable regulations. ICAT has full-fledged functional laboratories to test each component & vehicle as prescribed under CMVR 1989 or company specific procedures. All the facilities are manned by trained engineers to handle customer queries and requests. To know more about our facilities visit the facilities section get in touch with us directly.


  • EMC engineering solutions, automotive lighting design and development, electronic product development.
  • ICAT is also engaged to support the industries for ISO/IEC 17025:2005 implementation and NABL accreditation of their Laboratories.

FTL Lab provides engineering solutions for Design and Development of Various Structural Parts:

  • Designing Fatigue Test Specifications for accelerated testing , Fatigue Life Estimation, Customer Correlation by Simulation, Ride Comfort Analysis, Duty cycle Generation w.r.t. route mapping

Consultancy provided by TTL and CTL lab are in the following domains

  • Consultancy for setting up Test Laboratory e.g. Tyre Testing, Safety Glass Testing etc.,Consultancy for formulating DV/PV Tests of Automotive Components, sub-assemblies etc.,Consultancy for Test Rigs design & developmental including study of standards, preparing Technical specifications, tender documents etc.


ICAT has a dedicated team which works on Powertrain development programs. Some of the competency areas are listed below:

  • Power train Development and Calibration.
  • Functional Development and Validation.
  • Cold start Calibration and testing.
  • Energy audit and Friction Strip Down.
  • Functional checks under different climate conditions.
  • Functional bench marking on component level, Engine, Vehicle level.
  • Climatic and Altitude Calibration (CVTC + Real world + Virtual).
  • Drivability benchmarking by using AVL DRIVE.
  • Real World Emission measurement under various operating conditions (RDE).
  • OBD + Fleet Validation monitoring and data acquisition.
  • Customer specific testing and data acquisition on engine and vehicle.
  • Special testing rigs such as Alternator Load, N2 cylinder leak check, Breather Efficiency, Air conditioner Load etc.
  • Vehicle emission perExpertise in specialized high speed data measurement for combustion, temp, pressure, current, voltage, frequency, RPM etc.


  • E & E department at ICAT imparts training on regulations and current trends related to automotive lighting, EMC, Electric Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems.
  • Training provided by FTL lab, L1- Certification Course On “Strain Gauge Theory, Selection and Installation” along with M/s HBM Germany.
  • Training provided by NVH lab are in following topics :- Acoustic fundamentals for solving Noise & vibration problems, Transfer path analysis, Modal testing & analysis, Pass by Noise testing as per GTR & Hybrid and Electric vehicle noise –identification & analysis etc.
  • Training provided by TTL, PSL and CTL lab are in the following domains :-Trainings on Tyre Testing, Training on Crash Testing, Training on Vibration & Environmental Testing


ICAT have well equipped Calibration Laboratories for Mechanical and Thermal Calibration. Calibration Labs are NABL (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) accredited for calibration of Industrial Pressure Gauges and Temperature sensing devices. ICAT is also engaged to support the industries for ISO/IEC 17025:2005 implementation and NABL accreditation of their Laboratories.

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