Fatigue test lab at ICAT is state of the art testing facility presented to support automakers and suppliers for development and validation of various structuralcomponents, Sub-assemblies, 2-wheelers, 3- wheelers, 4-wheelers, Tractorsetc with regard to :

  • Structural Durability
  • Vehicle Simulation with Road Load Data.
  • BSR test system designed to test automotive chassis, Body in White and assembly modules.


  • Structural Durability test – Single Axis/ Biaxial/ Tri axial and Multi Axial.
  • Vibration Testing as per JIS D1601 under NABL Accreditation.
  • ROPS testing as per IS/ISO 3471 : 2008 & FOPS testing as per IS/ISO 3449 : 2005
  • RUPD as per IS 14812 : 2005 & SUPD as per IS 14682 : 2004
  • Endurance testing of Leaf Spring assemblies for Automobiles as per IS 1135:1995 under NABL Accreditation.
  • Structural Durability by simulating the acquired Road Load Data.
  • 4-Poster as per IS 15901: 2010 for bumper fitment evaluationunder NABL Accreditation.
  • Capability ofStrain Gauging at remote locations on any complex component or assembly.

Universal Test Benches:

Linear Servo-Hydraulic Actuators

Linear Servo Hydraulic Actuators with a capacity up to 750kN testing loads and a stroke of up to 320 mm.

Electrical Actuator:

The Linear Electrical Actuator having capacity of working up to 1000 N testing loads and a stroke of up to 300 mm.

Servo Hydraulic Rotary Actuator:

The Rotary Servo Hydraulic Actuators is utilized for performing Rotary torsional Tests. It has a capacity of Torque up to ±10 kNm with Angular displacement of ± 55º.

Mast – Multi Axis Simulation Table

MAST for Component(100Hz) with Climatic Chamber

MAST for Component is available with 2 m * 2.2 m table size for working 100 Hz with 600 kg payload.The MAST is a modern, state-of-the-art, 6- DoF vibration test facility with Climatic Chamber from -40˚ C to 80˚C with 95% RH.

High Frequency MAST(200Hz) with Climatic Chamber

High Frequency MAST is available with 2 m 2.3 m table size for working at 200 Hz with 180 kg payload & 100 Hz with 600 kg payload for BSR testing with Climatic Chamber. Climatic chamberis available with size of 8m 6m * 5m which is designed to test automotive components, Body in White and aggregate assembly modules in controlledclimate from -45˚ C to 80˚C with 95% RH to simulate real world climatic conditions. Solar Simulation is also available with variable Intensity up to 1200 W/m2 and Temperature from 0˚C to 70˚C.


X-Poster is a structural durability test system for 2W, 3W, Passenger cars & Heavy Commercial Vehicles. The system is designed to accelerate the durability test with strong correlation with real world usage pattern. This help in reduction of product development timelines. We have two types of X-Poster systems:-

  • Passenger Car 4-Poster (3.5 tons)
  • Heavy Duty 4-Poster (17 tons)

Vibration Test Facility (3.5 T)

The Vibration test facility with environmental Conditions is designed for various structural durability tests of various Components and Subassemblies. We have two nos. of Electrodynamics Shaker with capacity up to 3200kgf integrated with Climatic Chamber from -60˚ C to 180˚C with 95% RH.

Road Load Data Acquisition And Simulation

At ICAT we have experienced team specialise in all aspects of vehicle instrumentation, Road Load data collection, data analysis, Durability Analysis, Customer Data Analysis, Data Verification and Failure Analysis Typical facility includes:

  • High Speed Data Acquisition for 120+ synchronous channels
  • Vehicle / Component level Duty Cycle measurement sensors & systems
  • Wheel Force Transducers (WFT)
  • Sensors for Durability & Vibration measurements.
  • Strain Gauging & measurements
  • Telemetry Systems for Wireless Data
  • Rain flow cycle counting.
  • Fatigue Life & Damage Estimation.
  • Customer Correlation.
  • Ride Comfort analysis
  • Duty Cycle Analysis.
  • Block Cycle Creation.
  • Failure & durability analysis.
  • Route mapping w.r.t duty cycle.
  • 2D Road Profile Database.
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