ICAT has expertise in vehicle test, validation and engineering solutions with state of the art and NABL accredited testing facilities supporting Automotive Industry. We are testing them all ranging from small mopeds to CEV. The homologation and certification services offered by ICAT in the field of Automotive are for the following vehicles:

  • 2 Wheelers
  • 3 Wheelers
  • 4 Wheelers
  • Trucks
  • Tractors
  • CombHarvestor
  • Construction Equipment Vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Power Tiller
  • Retrofitter
  • E-Rickshaw
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Battery Operated Vehicles (2W/3W/4W)
  • School/Sleeper/Passenger Buses
  • Electric Buses
  • Off-Road vehicles
  • Modular Hydraulic Trailer
  • Quadricycles
  • Road Ambulance
  • Motor Caravan
  • Special Purpose Vehicles


In line with the automotive legislations, Govt. & other statutory bodies are emphasizing and focusing on cleaner power sector also. To cater the stringent legislative requirements, ICAT is having fully equipped state-of-the-art test facilities for certification & development of I.C engines

  • ICAT is having test facilities to cater Power Range of Gensets starting from 2.5 kW to 830 kW capacities.
  • The smallest test facility for the Genset testing is of 30 kW rating on which small diesel Genset of capacity 2.5 kW can be tested.
  • Similarly in higher side, ICAT has 830 kW Transient dynamometer which can be used for 800 kW Diesel engine testing. ICAT is also having facility & capability for the Gasoline Genset testing up to 19 kW with electrical load bank.
  • ICAT is authorized for the Type approval & CoP of Genset as per the system & procedure issued by “Central Pollution Control Board” of India. ICAT has the capability & facility for the Type test, wear measurement assessment as per IS 10000.
  • ICAT Test facilities are certified by ISO 17025 (NABL)
  • ICAT test reports are acceptable to DGS&D.
  • ICAT can test Gensets as per GSR 281(E), 771(E) , 232(E) & 535 (E)


Globally, affordable, clean, safe and comfortable mobility has become vital need. In the past decade technology has increased in leaps and bounds. Also the initiatives by Govt. of India such as “Make in India” campaign has surged the probable suppliers for the institutions like Indian Railway, Metro Railway Projects etc. To ensure the quality, product development tests and validation tests as per Indian and Global standards is the need of the hour. ICAT is emerging as a major hub for Research, Development & Testing to Railway Industry & their suppliers. We have state of the art and NABL accredited testing facilities. Our labs have already been supporting Railway industries for validation of their component suppliers for following tests.

  • Environmental Exposures tests like Exposure to Cold & Hot Temperatures, Humidity Cycle, Solar Simulation, Salt and Dust Environments.
  • Vibration test.
  • Fatigue Durability.
  • Performance testing.
  • Data recording and Analysis.
  • Noise testsEMI/EMC tests
  • We look forward to Railways and their supplier for utilization of our other facilities

    Our clientele:
  • M/s. GE Transportation
  • M/s. Bombardier Transportation India (P) Ltd
  • M/s. Lloyd
  • M/s. Fiem
  • M/s. Fedders Lloyd Corporation Limited
  • M/s. Subros Ltd
  • M/s. Dautal Ram
  • M/s. Escorts Railway Products
  • M/s. India Autotech
  • M/s. Standard Radiators
  • M/s. Mobility Solution
  • M/s Omax


ICAT facility is fully equipped to support defense related organization in both public and private sector for design and development of powertrain used in combat armored vehicles, tanks, infantry vehicles etc. ICAT can also help defense industry in performing specialized testing and development activities such as:

  • Design and development of engine parts, lay-outing.
  • CAE analysis of different engine sub-systems.
  • Calibration development of electronic engine management system.
  • Functional Development and Validation requirement with key focus on Indian requirements.
  • Vehicle validation in Climatic and Altitude conditions with special focus on defence requirements.


ICAT has Chassis dynamometer and analyzer facilities to assess effects of different types of lubricants, additives and fuels on Fuel Consumption and Mass Emission. Various types of test like fuel consumption test, Power test and Mass Emission test can be conducted on different types of lubricants.


Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has notified “Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Requirements for Compulsory Registration)” under which 43 products have been made compulsory for registration with BIS. Registration for self-declaration by the manufacturer is a simplified process of conformity assessment, which has been introduced, and is in addition to the existing system of licensing. In this new Registration System, the manufacturer makes a declaration that his product conforms to the Indian Standard. Therefore, the manufacturer himself is providing an assurance on the quality of his product. Before making such declaration, the manufacturer has to get registered by applying to BIS.


ICAT photometry facility is equipped with test set-ups for metrology of general lighting products for performance as well as for safety as per the guidelines of BIS & BEE as notified from time to time. These facilities are ISO:17025 certified and can be utilized under BIS CRS scheme and BEE energy star rating. The services offered by ICAT in the field of general lighting are as below:

  • Safety of LED lamps as per IS 16102, Part 1
  • Electrical & mechanical safety of Luminaries as per IS 10322, Part 5, section 1-8
  • Electrical & mechanical safety of LED drivers as per IS 15885, Part 2, section 13
  • Performance of LED luminaries as LM 79/ IS 13383


ICAT has test facilities which may be useful for testing and validation of components/sub-assemblies intended for aviation industry and aerospace. The major allied facilities include Environmental Chambers, Large Capacity Vibration Shakers, Walk-In Chambers, Oil Cooler Test Rigs, CAC Test rigs etc. Apart from the environmental testing ICAT has capability to conduct Fatigue & Durability testing of components as a part of product & design validation.

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