ICAT is having Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) facilities which have come up as the key product development techniques for all manufacturers. Engineering design and analysis plays an important role in the product development. Considering the global competition in the automotive market, the product development needs to be accurate, cost effective and time bounded. We at CAE are offering customized solution from vehicle concept to certification through simulation.

Capabilities and Facilities of CAD/CAE Lab:

  • Structural - Linear, Non-linear, Transient, Dynamic, Modal and Fatigue – Ansys, Radioss, Abaqus, MSC Nastran, MSC Fatigue.
  • Thermal Analysis - Linear, Non-linear, coupled thermo-mechanical, high temperature fatigue - Ansys, Radioss, Abaqus, MSC Nastran, MSC Fatigue.
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) - Ansys CFX, Ansys Fluent, AcuSolve & Virtual Wind Tunnel.
  • Multi-body Dynamics - MSC Adams, Altair Motion View.
  • Vehicle Dynamics - ADAMS CAR
  • Optimization - Altair Optistruct.
  • 3D CAD Modelling- UG NX,CATIA.
  • Upto 128 GB RAM , 4 Shared Memory Processor.
  • Upto 64 GB RAM, 90 Compute Node/CPU.
  • Upto 16 GB RAM, Backup-Server.

Key Projects & Applicable Standards:

  • Rollover as per AIS 031/ AIS 052 (Clause 6.1).
  • Stability angle determination as per AIS 052 (Clause 6.2).
  • Lateral Protection Device(LPD) as per IS 14682.
  • Front Under-run Protection Device (FUPD) as per AIS 069.
  • Rear Under-run Protection Device as per IS 14812.
  • Bus Seat Static Strength as per AIS 023.
  • Vacuum tank internal pressure test.
  • Modal Analysis of buses as per UBS-II.
  • Development testing of buses as per UBS-II.
  • 3D CAD Modelling of Bus Structure.
  • 3D CAD Modelling of Trailer(e.g. Flat bed & Tipper).
  • 3D CAD Modelling of E-Rickshaw/E-Kart.
  • 3D CAD Modelling of Bus Seat Structure.

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