The Vehicle Evaluation Laboratory (VEL) undertakes Type Approval testing of all types of vehicles ranging from 2 wheeler to heavy vehicles, Agricultural Tractors and Construction Equipment Vehicles, special purpose trailers in accordance with the Rules laid down under Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules,1989 and International Standards / Regulations. VEL also undertakes sponsored (developmental) testing for Original Equipment manufacturers/importers.

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  • Testing as per CMVR 1989
  • Construction equipment vehicles (CEV) noise as per ISO: 6393:2008, ISO 6394:2008, ISO 6395:2008, ISO 6396:2008
  • Test track testing as per IS 3028:1998
  • PBC measurement as per ASTM E 1337:2012
  • Tyre testing for Mu-Slip Measurement
  • Evaluation of fuel additives on vehicle performance.
  • Testing as per ECE regulations and directives
  • Durability and endurance testing of vehicles as per customer requirements
  • Whole body Vibration and Hand –Arm Vibration
  • Vehicle and Engine Cooling Performance Assessment
  • Vehicle HVAC Performance.
  • Vehicle Dynamic Performance.
  • Verification and testing of special purpose trailers.

Detailed Facility Update

  • Data Acquisition System – BUSDAQ, µeep, V-Box
  • Speed Sensor –Optical sensor L-350 , GPS based speed sensor
  • Steering effort Measurement Systems
  • Sound Pressure Level Meter - B&K & LMS
  • Weather station
  • Tachometer
  • Pedal and Hand Force Sensor
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Manometers
  • Tyre Traction Tester
  • Sound Absorption Measurement – Impedance tube
  • Interior Car Noise Measurement
  • Seat Pad & Hand Arm Vibration measurement system
  • Fuel Flow Meter - Kistler
  • RT3000
  • Weighing Pads (1 ton, 5 ton and 10 ton capacity)
  • Coast by Noise Measurement System