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Vehicle Evaluation Facilities & Homologation Test Tracks
Vehicle Evaluation Facilities Homologation Test Tracks
  The Vehicle Evaluation Laboratory (VEL) undertakes Type Approval testing of all types of vehicles including CNG / LPG fuelled and Construction Equipment Vehicles, in accordance with the Rules laid down under Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules,1989. VEL also undertakes sponsored (developmental) testing for Original Equipment manufacturers/importers, as per National / International Standards / Regulations.

Type Approval of all types of vehicles (including Tractor-Trailer Combination and Construction Equipment Vehicles) as per CMVR, 1989 for the following performance parameters:
Maximum Speed
Grade Ability
Braking Performance
Steering Torque Measurement
Pass by noise
Interior noise
  The tests require approved test tracks which would soon become an integral part of ICAT. The test tracks would be spread over an area of 50 acres. The test track simulates variety of ground/ road surface conditions, which a vehicle normally encounters during its lifetime.

Upcoming Tracks
Coast Down Straight track
Braking Tracks with different Surfaces
Steering Pad
Gradient (7o, 10 o, 15 o, 25 o & 30 o)
Paas-by Noise Track
Specialized Tracks for Tyre and Vehicle Body Noise
Multi-purpose Durability Tracks