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Mechanical & Electrical Testing
  The major activities involved under Mechanical & Electrical Testing are:
Certification of Rear View Mirrors, Automotive Horns, Hydraulic Brake Hoses, Door Hinges and Latches, Metallic Fuel Tank, Safety glasses, Horn installation and Rear View Mirror installation as per CMVR norms.
Developmental testing as per various National & International standards and regulations viz. ECE, EEC, DIN, JIS, SAE etc.
Endurance testing of automotive components with linear servo hydraulic system.
Environmental testing under controlled temperature, humidity, weather condition etc.
  Main equipments
Combined Vibration & Environmental test system [1000 kgf, -60°C to 200°C ]
Expansion, Burst & whip test rigs for brake hoses [Max. Hose Length: 600 mm]
Ozone chamber [Range: 0 to 500 pphm]
Dust and water spray chamber [Size : 1m x 1m x 1m]
Horn endurance test rig
Sound level meter (M/s. B & K make)
Cyclic temperature & humidity chamber [Range : -40°C to 180°C]
Salt spray chamber (M/s. Atlas, USA)
Servo Hydraulic System : (M/s. MTS, USA) [± 50 kN actuator & Controllers, ± 15 kN actuator for shock absorber testing speed up to 2.5 m/sec.]
Weather-O- meter (M/s. Atlas, USA)
Optical distortion & secondary image test rig for safety glasses
Rear view mirror impact test rig
Ball impact test rig for safety glass
Distortion factor test rig for RVM’s

Other Main Equipments

Currently Applicable AIS/ECE Regulations for Certified/Tested Automotive Components