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  The Materials Laboratory at ICAT has been set up with the state-of-art i facility to provide assistance to the Indian automotive and component manufactures and other engineering industries in material testing and characterization in the following areas:
Physical and mechanical property testing of metallic and non-metallic materials
Metallographic studies
Chemical analysis and identification of materials
Measurement of electrical and thermal properties
Fuel, Oil and Brake fluid Testing
Engine Coolants Testing
Following facilities are available to cater the industry needs:
Instron 5500 series, Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine ( Capacity ??)
Coolant Test Facility
Thin Layer Chromatograph (TLC)
Glassware & PC for TLC
pH Meter [ DBK International] 
Centrifuge [Remi Instruments] 
Boiling Point [Glassware, In house Development]
Freezing Point Apparatus [In House Development]
Density Kit [Citizen, Germany]
Karl Fischer Apparatus [Veego Instruments]
Circulation Corrosion Coolant Test Rigs [ARAI, Make]
Aluminum Heat Rejection Test Rig [ARAI, Make]
Glassware Corrosion Coolant Test Rig [ARAI, Make]
Environmental & Ageing Test Facility
Ovens (0 to 250 Degree Celsius) [Tempo Instruments]
Muffle Furnace (0 to 1250 Degree Celsius) [Tempo Instruments]
Flammability Test Facility
Horizontal Flammability Test Rig [ARAI Make]
Flammability Test Rig for Wiring Harness [ARAI Make]