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Engine Emission Test Cell
  EETC -3: Engine Dynamometer of 550 kW
Make : Api Com
Model : FR 800
Power : 800 HP (500 kW)
Torque : 2000 Nm
Max. Speed : 9000 RPM
Emission Analyser HORIBA (7100 D) Japan
MICROTROL 4, for the measurement of particulates
  EETC-1 : Engine Dynamometer  (250 kW)
Torque : 2000 Nm
Max. Speed : 9000 RPM
Emission Analyser HORIBA (7100 D) Japan
Make : Api Com
Model : FR 400(250 kW)
Power : 400 HP
Torque : 4000 Nm
Max. Speed : 7000 RPM
Emission Analyser HORIBA, Japan 7400 D
MICROTROL 4, for the measurement of particulates
  Other Equipments
Fuel Consumption Meter (both for liquid and gas)
Fuel Conditioning Unit
Engine water Conditioning Unit
Oil and Inter Cooler cooling Posts
Two Conditioned Air Handling Units (CAHU) each of capacity 2400 kg/hr for simulation of inlet temperature, Pressure & Humidity – CP Engineering, UK
Additional Instrumentation –Temperature, Pressure and Humidity Sensor
Impinger System for Carbonyl Measurement - Horiba
  Upcoming Facilities:
Universal Robot for Mileage Accumulation
  The Engine Test Cell consists of two mass emission test cells namely:
Engine Test Cell – 1 consist of a 250 kW
Engine Test Cell – 2 consist of a 550 kW used for Genset, Tractor, CEV, Automotive, Power Tiller etc.
The test cell also consists of an exhaust gas analyzer system, Particulate Measurement System & Opacimeter for measuring the exhaust coming out from the engine.
Fuel flow meter is available (for Diesel, CNG/LPG) along with fuel conditioning system to measure the fuel consumption.
Engine Test Cell – 1 and engine Test Cell - 2 are equipped with:

API COM ITALY make engine Dynamometer  FR400BRPS & FR800BRPS
Horiba  make Emission  Analyser  7400D & 7100D
Nova make Particulate Measurement System ‘Microtrol 4
AVL make Opacimeter ‘439’
Electric Resistive Type Load Bank (up to 10kVA) for Portable Genset (petrol/kerosene run)
Capability of Engine Test Cell in the area of Testing:
Automotive BSII & BSIII (ESC & ELR) , BS IV ( By December 2010)
Tractor Trem III & Trem III A
Genset - Diesel, Petrol & Kerosene
Power Tiller Trem II & Trem III
*Durability tests as per customer desired test cycles