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Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) is becoming a serious concern for automotive manufacturers, ever since there’s an alarming increase in the use of electronic components. Motor vehicles are more and more equipped with high density electronic modules.

New technologies and communication systems in vehicles demands an extensive testing and evaluation, before electronic modules are used in real-time installations, in order to ensure complete safety and reliability. EMC intended to avoid malfunctioning of the vehicles and their sub-systems due to electromagnetic interference between the different components and sub-systems, within the vehicle and its environment.

In view of the criticality of EMC compliance, world-wide full-vehicle EMC tests have become mandatory. Additionally, components and sub-systems are also subjected to regulations and need to be tested separately.

ICAT is in the process of setting up of a state-of-the-art facility for establishing compliance to EMC regulations. The proposed facility will include:
Semi-anechoic chamber for full vehicle capable to accommodating vehicle up to 10 tonnes unladen weight
Semi-anechoic Chamber for Components and sub-systems.
The facility would be capable of performing both developmental and regulatory testing, including the testing as per following standards:
Shielding Attenuation
EN 50147-1
IEEE 299
NSA 65-6
NSA for semi-anechoic chamber
EN 50147-2
ANSI C 63.4-2001
EN 55022
Field Uniformity
EN 61000-4-3+A1
IEC 61000-4-3
Flammability of absorbers
NRL 8093-1, -2,-3,-4,-5
DIN 4102 B1, A2 (non-combustible)
Chambers Compliance capabilities
EU directive 95/54/EC
ECE R 10
ISO 7637
ISO 11452-2
AIS 004/1999
SAE J555